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Dark Ruby Red

Dark Ruby Red – The echo of my last goodbye

8:01 am by superadmin

Dark Ruby Red There was no human touch, Love cannot exist without a warm touch. It has been an illusion. A well-orchestrated production by my lonely heart. The echo of my last goodbye. [Dark Ruby Red] Virtual lovers - Love Section - FD-Light-Pro

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Escape-Exit Scene

Escape-Exit Scene

10:35 am by superadmin

Escape-Exit Scene   Fd-Light-Project The Love Section (Video &Music) End   FD-Light-Project Love Section the starting point  Virtual Lovers  We've never danced Face to Face - Virtual Lovers Follow me on Facebook

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Face 2 face Virtual lovers

Face 2 face – Virtual Lovers (Audio Video)

7:34 am by superadmin

Face 2 face Virtual lovers (Audio Video Graphics) Colors are: Black And White      Video Montage    Cover artwork is titled Face 2 face. Lines into a face, it's a face to face, silence over all. FD-Ligh

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We've never danced

We’ve never danced

9:47 pm by superadmin

We've never danced Purple, Blue & Regret. FD-Light-Project: the Love section. FD-Light-Project Love Section the starting point  Virtual Lovers  Follow me on Facebook

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Virtual Lovers

Virtual Lovers

8:50 pm by superadmin

Virtual Lovers: "Hyphen hyphen slash Love love hyphen love dot Kiss slash hugs slash I don't want you, slash dot dot slash I don't want you, too. " Mixed colors by FD-Light-Project The Love Section FD-Light-Project Love Section the starting po

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Wood - Love section

Wood Love Section

9:09 am by superadmin

Wood Love Section "Love is a stupid game in which I ever had any role to play. " This is my opinion about love and, to me, the color of this feeling is such as the worst tv color, full of visual noise. About: glade in the wood ... and th

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the master of random

The Master of Random

9:56 pm by superadmin

The master of random (video still) "Listen, take a leap of fate, uncover the hidden secrets, freeze the moment, flow."   FD-Light-Project

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Precious cinnamon roll

Precious cinnamon roll

7:48 pm by superadmin

Precious cinnamon roll! Eyes: I lost you, while I was trying to protect you. ( Then I lost me too)! (Images Composition) FD-Light-Project

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Your Eyes


2:57 pm by superadmin

Eyes  (the Golden Gold) She'll always find in your eyes that "help button", made of gold, able to lead her when she feels lost. by FD-Light-Project  

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pink effetto drammatico

Pink Effetto drammatico

8:10 am by superadmin

Pink Effetto Drammatico Title: FD-Light-Project 's "Effetto drammatico ". Nuances, pink shadows and my kind of dramatic monochrome.    

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Green wheel

Green wheel

7:57 am by superadmin

A kind of green wheel.

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Your Time Is Up - Death Shadows by FD-Light-Project

Your Time Is Up – Death Shadows

8:00 pm by superadmin

Your Time Is Up - Death Shadows by FD-Light-Project This is the second composition I ever did in my whole [and unlucky long] life. (I  posted  it here in its first version on 08-06 2015) It talks about death. Fd-Light-Project

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7:22 pm by superadmin

Hell-Breathless by FD-Light-Project Experimental track.

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day 1 - the fear workout FD-Light-Project

Fear workout Day 1

6:37 pm by superadmin

The fear workout  Day 1: The red Labyrinth. Breathless. This is a subsection of the FD-Light-Project in which I'll develop "the feeling of fear" using only graphics. The concept is based on my way own way to perceive and get over the fear. So.."Let's s

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I'm Human

I’m Human

11:57 am by superadmin

I'm Human I have no weapons, I have no religion, I have no land, I have no color, I have no shape, I have no sex, I have no time, I have no age, I have no blood, I have no bones, I have no eyes, I have no hands, I have no feet. I have a soul

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The Crimes of the Heart, Shades of Orange

The Crimes of the Heart, Shades of Orange

7:17 am by superadmin

The Crimes of the Heart, Shades of Orange The crimes of the heart have their own shades, to me Orange. I have built the track entirely using sound design. I've posted the first time on Sep 25, 2015 this is an update version. I updated the cover to

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Deriva Drifting


7:15 pm by superadmin

Deriva Drifting (Wild Obsession the percussive reprise) Color is Navy-Green This track is included in the FD-Light-Project (My choreographic project about human and colors)

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7:17 am by superadmin

Genesis The track has been updated. I've changed the title in Age, I've added some vocals and put it on Soundcloud. I'm not sure about genre: avant-garde, electronic, experimental or just sh*t. FD-Light-Project First version is from Ja

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8:12 pm by superadmin

Footprints in the ..(snow or sand) Shadows of time! Hybrid music epic/electronic. FD-Light-Project

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lupus in fabula music fd-light-project

Lupus in Fabula Music FD-Light-Project

9:10 am by superadmin

Lupus in Fabula Music FD-Light-Project (A guy I can't ignore! ) Color nuances may be blue electric and firebrick. "I wish you would (tell me ...)" FD-Light-Project      

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lupus in fabula

Lupus in fabula

8:37 pm by superadmin

Lupus in Fabula. Let's face fears. I'm feeling so blue while the world looks so gray. FD-Light-Project

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summer colors FD-Light-Project

Summer Colors FD-Light-Project

7:02 pm by superadmin

Summer colors FD-Light-Project (Taking colors from outside) I'm not happy with the track (& graphics too)... Something's missing, and something's is too much. BTW... it's summer, it's time to sit, relaxing and having nice times. FD-Light-Pr

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analog clock

Analog clock – Fading colors – 1st Break

12:00 am by superadmin

Analog clock - Fading Colors- 1st Break The sound of time ticking by(analog / biologic/ lost)- Experimenting with the clock sound. The track is experimental-ambient or so.. with a touch of glitch. Fd-Light-Project 1st Published on: Sep 27,

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Road Trip

Road Trip

8:28 pm by superadmin

Road Trip "Here we are, we're finally ready, ready to run the light".   FD-Light-Project  

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Turning Page Need A Miracle

5:05 pm by superadmin

Turning Page Need Miracle Music by FD-Light-Project Color is Mulberry Graphic design by FD-Light.-Project

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Red as the doors slammed in my face

Red as the doors slammed in my face

7:38 pm by superadmin

Red as the doors slammed in my face. Red as paranoia, red as anger, red as rage, red as frustration, Red as... the doors slammed in my face. Fd-Light-Project

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Shimmer Flames

Shimmer Flames FD-Light-Project

7:16 am by superadmin

Shimmer Flames "And the question still remains, while the flame still burns." FD-Light-Project My New Tune. Genre: Chillout Bmp:120. SoundCloud https://goo.gl/Un5gMo

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Can You Hear Me

Can You Hear Me – Original Tune

6:36 pm by superadmin

Can You Hear Me - Original Tune Track updated --- Original tune composed by FD-Light-Project . Check my soundcloud and hearthis.at

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Inner shadows

Inner Shadows – Original Tune

6:17 pm by superadmin

Inner shadows Original tune composed by FD-Light-Project . This demo is still a work in progress. Check my soundcloud and hearthis.at    

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navy green

Navy Green FD-Light-Project

5:49 am by superadmin

Navy Green Conversation: - Question: "You think I should go back to it being blue?" - Answer:" navy green !!!" FD- Light-Project

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Gold And Blue

6:04 am by superadmin

Gold and Blue About water,ocean, drop, leaf, about 1172014. The golden light I've been missing.  FD-Light-Project   About: glade in the woods... The golden light I've been missing . FD-Light-Project

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5:49 am by superadmin

Moonlight by FD-Light-Project   Shine on me, Feel me, Shine on me, Listen to me, Shine on me, Love me, Cover me, Love me, Lift me up, Love me, Lead me, Shock me, Shake me, Protect me, Love me, Lead me, Love me, Stay, Love me, W

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Reverie – Demo – Music

9:26 pm by superadmin

Reverie by FD-Light-Project

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Strange Lights in a weird night

Strange lights in a weird night

6:57 am by superadmin

      Strange lights in a weird night. (Reverie) FD-Light-Project image remix  

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6:49 am by superadmin

  Do you need a different cup of coffee? Try this one & have a nice day ! FD-Light-Project -  https://goo.gl/7L7tvi 

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6:34 am by superadmin

This cargo is NOT enough strange or colored (Modern flat timeline) FD-Light-Project - https://goo.gl/7L7tvi

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Time is running out

6:23 am by superadmin

  Time is running out  fd-light-project Image composition.

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tears fd-light-project

Tears are – FD-Light-Project

9:12 am by superadmin

Tears are: words unspoken, actions untaken, wild rivers, scars not healed. Tears set you adrift and no one land can't be reached. Tears are a storm, Tears are a broken soul. My tears are like a shout in the snow in a frozen world.  

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6:32 pm by superadmin

  " I don't know what the color means, maybe it's the visual expression of music  at the exact moment in which its energy reach your heart . " FD-Light-Project

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Lead me Home P-2

8:10 pm by superadmin

  Like an echo already passed I want you to bring me back home to you. FD-Light-Project

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Lead me Home P-1

7:59 pm by superadmin

    I want you to lead me through the night, I want you to lead me through the darkness, I want you to lead me through the light, I want you to lead me through the colors, I want you to bring me back home to you. FD-Light-Projec

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Channeling the spirits

7:46 pm by superadmin

  "Channeling the spirits:  There will be no blame accepted and no forgiveness asked."  (Dark side of the light)

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The quad vision – A railway to the moon

6:31 pm by superadmin

[caption id="attachment_1768" align="alignleft" width="1366"] A railway to the moon[/caption]

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6:26 pm by superadmin

  People live within a false sense of inner peace. While I'm a hawk, my heart is yellow and gold! FD-Light-Project‬      

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Imperfect Vibrations – Blue

7:16 pm by superadmin

Memories: The dirty resonant vibrations. Imperfect vibrations. Overwhelmed by emotions. Blue

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Sunset Lights

10:44 pm by superadmin

[embed ]https://youtu.be/duwG-u-jEVA[/embed] "Like the echo of a soul, in a desert, alone." Music: Stones by FD-Light-Project http://www.floratarantino.com/fdlightproject/ https://www.facebook.com/fdlightproject.2/ https://twitter.com/F

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Prisms-Video Backdrop

3:09 pm by superadmin

Prisms, taken by voices, backdrop video.

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Immagini -Fd-Light-Project

6:53 am by superadmin

Immagini che fanno parte di FD-light-project riunite in una gallery. [foogallery id="1393"]

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Wet – Kiss – White

7:17 am by superadmin

https://hearthis.at/fd-light-project/wet-kiss-white-edit16/ -In the meanwhile ... ‪ White‬ noise .... The curving words.. - -How did he HIJACK ME????!!! - (hijack me !!!) ; (take me!) -

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The whisper of the heart. The Sense of wonder

6:32 am by superadmin

Suggeriscimi un colore per questa composizione non ancora ultimata. Il titolo è il ‪#‎sussurro‬ del cuore. Con quale colore definiresti la meraviglia dell'inconsueto e/o inaspettato? Commenta questo post sulla pagina Fb, il lavoro che deriverà sa

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Red Again

6:37 am by superadmin

I was insulted by images, I've cried in silence. All alone with my tears. I've tried to forget!!!! All that I want now is to see the sinner's blood . [caption id="attachment_1690" align="aligncenter" width="700"] I was insulted by images, I've

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Amazing – Sadness

6:16 am by superadmin

Amazing.‬ Some words sound like something you miss or you never had. It's a blue feeling that you can't shake. Close your eyes , hold breath, create space, exhale.

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Indigo Loneliness

7:17 am by superadmin


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The Man That Stops The Monsters -Intro pt3

7:17 am by superadmin


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Chased Away By The Mob – 2nd Break

7:17 am by superadmin

https://hearthis.at/fd-light-project/chased-away-by-the-mob-break-2-fd-light-project/ "Punished and chased away."  

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dissolvenze (fading)

Dissolvenze (Fading)

5:56 pm by superadmin

Dissolvenze (Fading) Il vento mi venne incontro per accarezzarmi il viso, lentamente la luce della luna baciò i miei occhi, la terra, calda, accolse l'ormai inevitabile caduta. D' improvviso un senso di pace inondò ogni fibra del mio tormento

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Frozen Time

‪Frozen‬ time

6:42 am by superadmin

Frozen time, destroyed thoughts, held breaths. Questions preying on people's minds, Hot stones of guilt from the depths. Ties are not broken. @echo off Fd-Light-Project

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Birds Are Falling – Purple

8:46 pm by superadmin

https://hearthis.at/fd-light-project/birds-are-falling-purple-fd-light-project/ Birds Are Falling - Purple - FD - LIGHT- PROJECT   At the sunrise, we watched the sunset in your eyes. A suspended beat. We staring at the sky. It was so cold It was h

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Snake – Unmasked Gray -fd-light-project

2:58 pm by superadmin

  Snake- Unmasked gray Il preambolo è costituito da due twitts che ho postato tra dicembre e gennaio. A quel tempo erano un' amara presa di coscienza, che ieri si è trasformata  in questo gioco musicale,   uno sfogo  neppure troppo velato, ne

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3:30 pm by superadmin

I’m Lost-Black

1:46 pm by superadmin

https://hearthis.at/fd-light-project/im-lost-black/ When dreams implode.... First you ‪#‎FeelTheLight‬ ... then everything fades to ‪#‎black‬.

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Breathless-Go To Hell

1:44 pm by superadmin

https://hearthis.at/fd-light-project/breathless-go-to-hellflo/ She hate herself, She's breathless, She is into hell again.

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Paranoid Red

3:02 pm by superadmin

https://hearthis.at/fd-light-project/paranoid-red-meeting-mark/     #KillMeHealMe# My reflection in your mirror is like A CHALLENGE in a game. It's like a stone jumping on water in a lake made of souls. #CAGE#. Il colore rosso è generalmen

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Prisms- Taken By voices

3:47 pm by superadmin

https://hearthis.at/fd-light-project/prisms-taken-by-voices/   -I've heard voices made of noises.- -You sound like home- I'll be guilty for the rest of my life.

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Wild Obsession – Green

3:44 pm by superadmin

https://hearthis.at/fd-light-project/wild-obsession-green/ WILD OBSESSION THOUGHTS: scattered, lost, confused, remelted, ostentatious, argued; REASON: unreasonable, irrational, obsessive; INSTINCT: animal, primordial, captured, kept, rejected, represse

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Ossessione / Wild Obsession -text

10:42 am by superadmin

Ossessione Selvaggia Pensieri sparsi, pensieri persi, pensieri confusi, pensieri rifusi, pensieri ostentati, pensieri argomentati; ragione irragionevole, ragione irrazionale, ragione maniacale; istinto animale istinto primordiale istinto a catturare ist

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11 Silver Swans -Prologue

6:14 pm by superadmin

http://hearthis.at/fd-light-project/11-silver-swans-prologue/ Prologue -I know you can feel what I mean.- -Colors comes from light... -

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In Your Shoes – Colors

7:17 am by superadmin


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