I'm Human

I’m Human

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I’m Human I have no weapons, I have no religion, I have no land, I have no color, I have no shape, I have no sex, I have no time, I have no age, I have no blood, I have no bones, I have no eyes, I have no hands, I have no feet. I have a soul full of colors, same as yours. I am human Human as you.



Posted Posted in Fd-Light-Project, Graphics

Moonlight “Touching a dream.” FD-Light-Project Shine on me, Feel me, Shine on me, Listen to me, Shine on me, Love me, Cover me, Love me, Lift me up, Love me, Lead me, Shock me, Shake me, Protect me, Love me, Lead me, Love me, Stay, Love me, Warm me, Stay with me, Hold me, Stay close to me, Hold me, Stand by me, Hold me, Release me Hold me, Understand me, Warm me, Free my soul, Warm me, Do not leave me anymore. FD-Light-Project