Wood Love Section

Wood Love Section

“Love is a stupid game in which I ever had any role to play. “

This is my opinion about love and, to me, the color of this feeling is such as the worst tv color, full of visual noise.

Wood - Love section

About: glade in the wood … and the golden light I missed.

I made this image 1 year ago (this is an updated version, the previous version here) while thinking about beautiful and well assembly words I’ve read on FB in 2014. That day my “frozen heart” skipped a beat. This concept is not mine BTW it is such as a milestone in my FD-Light-Project.

That unknown guy was able to touch my heart and to make me smile.

I want to use this as a starting point, because love is a feeling that I don’t know well, and It’s hard to talk about what you didn’t feel on your own skin, I hope my imagination help me in this short exploration. 

I did also this short video: wood love section starts like this.

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