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(Blue) Light

(Blue) Light

5:24 pm by superadmin

(Blue) Light Once she (I) said: "If only I could hold you in my arms (blue) light!" [Forgetting she is made of light.] FD-Light-Project

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lupus in fabula music fd-light-project

Lupus in Fabula Music FD-Light-Project

9:10 am by superadmin

Lupus in Fabula Music FD-Light-Project (A guy I can't ignore! ) Color nuances may be blue electric and firebrick. "I wish you would (tell me ...)" FD-Light-Project      

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lupus in fabula

Lupus in fabula

8:37 pm by superadmin

Lupus in Fabula. Let's face fears. I'm feeling so blue while the world looks so gray. FD-Light-Project

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Gold And Blue

6:04 am by superadmin

Gold and Blue About water,ocean, drop, leaf, about 1172014. The golden light I've been missing.  FD-Light-Project   About: glade in the woods... The golden light I've been missing . FD-Light-Project

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Imperfect Vibrations – Blue

7:16 pm by superadmin

Memories: The dirty resonant vibrations. Imperfect vibrations. Overwhelmed by emotions. Blue

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Amazing – Sadness

6:16 am by superadmin

Amazing.‬ Some words sound like something you miss or you never had. It's a blue feeling that you can't shake. Close your eyes , hold breath, create space, exhale.

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Frozen Time

‪Frozen‬ time

6:42 am by superadmin

Frozen time, destroyed thoughts, held breaths. Questions preying on people's minds, Hot stones of guilt from the depths. Ties are not broken. @echo off Fd-Light-Project

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