Ownership-Jealousy Section

Ownership-Jealousy Section

(The starting point)

Here we go, I’m going to start a new section.

The starting point is something that happened to me a couple of months ago.
I was listening to random music on youtube, I felt the need to write down few words, so I posted them (I mean the music and my words), that song has been my inspiration and I naively show the world the starting point of my thought (nothing comes from nothing).
The artist replied with a “not-so-kind” comment to my post. ( & she lost a fan that day)
Anyway, that comment has led me to understand that people, we usually admire, are “really” far from art and far from its pure and romantic form…

Art is not about ownership, is not about jealousy, it is about inspiration, it is a chance, the chance to understand and share feelings with other humans, it is “the unique chance” to let people freely surf inside and outside their own world. 
An artist is a person that feels the world in a unique way, he/she can translate in art his/her own point of view becoming first or then an inspiration for the future artist and normal people.

To me, art is really far from being a thing to own, so I’m going to use what happened to me as starting point trying to explore these feelings/ behaviors.

In the Ownership-Jealousy Section, the color code will be PINK (because this color means nothing to me) and YELLOW (because in my culture yellow is used to code jealousy).

So let’s go… the intro image.

Here is how a “true artist” react 

[…oh really!!!]

[‘Cause you really hurt me!]

ownership-Jealousy Section

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Notice: if you find mistakes in my English please write me a message and let me know, help me to improve myself, you know, English is part of exploration, too. Thanks in advance. Flo
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